The Garage is the central hang out spot each night to meet, talk and play with the other ladies of MAWMR. Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun goes away. We carefully developed this concept for 2017 to ensure that us ladies had a central gathering point each night to have fun, meet new friends and build camaraderie among us. There will be plenty of places to relax, chat and meet new people!  Be sure to check back often, sign up for text messages at the Rally and check the registration room on site for updates to The Garage schedule and activities.

The Schedule


9am to 7pm: Open for hanging out and use as a meeting point

8:30pm to ?: The garage is open to meet, greet, and mingle!
Join the crowd for games with the game guru and fun ambassador, Tina Krahn plus a way to meet your MAWMR Board in a fun way, an introduction to our favorite night time activity – clutchplate (think the darts game cricket but played with clutchplates) and corn hole. We’ll make sure that you get clutchplate lessons but you can get ready by reading the rules for cricket!


9am to 7pm: Open for hanging out.

8:30pm to ?: Pajama Party!
Friday night is theme party night…so everyone is invited to a good old pajama party! Wear pjs, a nightshirt, a nightie, ??? – whatever suits you BEST!  All night long will be music, dancing, games, and lots more fun! Come ready to let your hair down, be a little goofy and have a great time. The Rider Insurance Corn Hole Tournament is also on Friday! Get your practice in and find out who’s going to dominate cornhole.  Clutchplate will also be available. This is a party not to be missed and called by many “the” event of the weekend.


9am up to the Parade of Chrome and the Banquet: Open for hanging out.

After the Banquet: Last stop!
There will be…, of course, and dancing! Clutchplate will again be available-no tournament this year. Or you can just hang out with old and new friends and plan for next year’s MAWMR Rally.