Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally

Driven. With a Purpose.

The fantastic women of the Mid-Atlantic Women’s Motorcycle Rally have raised over $450,000 to support women facing the many challenges of cancer. We had a great time raising the money — the parties, the games, and the camaraderie between women motorcyclists.

The Mid-Atlantic Women’s Motorcycle Rally 2024 online registration is now closed. Registration is available onsite.

Check back for updates and more information.

Mid-Atlantic Women’s Motorcycle Rally

June 12-14, 2025 | Gettysburg, PA

Mid-Atlantic Women's Motorcylce Rally

I love being surrounded by strong, independent women with diverse backgrounds and the common ground of riding. Coming to MAWMR has brought me some of my most treasured memories & dearest friends. And the fact that we get to fundraise to help sisters battling cancer brings in a deeper and meaningful purpose. – (2023)Lori Lyn
A truly women bonding experience from all walks of life with no judgement. (2023)Mosh
You don’t have to ride a motorcycle to attend this rally and have fun, but I will be on 2’s next year. (2023)Toni
Women Empowering Women is what you get at MAWMR 🙂 (2023)Janise -
I’ve already told friends and marked it on my calendar. Kicking myself I haven’t come sooner. (2023)Lisa
“If you want to feel Inspired and Empowered attend a MAWMR(2023)Yvonne (AKA Bronx)
You will find many like minded people at this event. And you may never want to leave. (2023)Terry
“MAWMR is a wonderful look forward to every year, filled with positive energy. While motorcycling may serve as the common thread that connects us, it is the bonds of friendship and camaraderie that truly unites and keeps us together” (2023)Nancy from Jersey
You may just be a beautiful disaster but, you’re perfectly Imperfect. (2023)Stephanie
You have no idea what you missed. Counting down the days to the next one. (2023)Anonymous!
Helen Keller said “life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. MAWMR is part of my adventure. Thanks to everyone that makes it happen! (2023)Cheryl GSG NJ
MAWMR is the best women biker celebration that gets better every year! (2023)Lisa
MAWMR is where women who ride can gather, be 1000% themselves and make life long friendships.(2023)Angela
My first year I was not a rider at all. After that I got my license and my own bike. I wasn’t able to ride down my second year, but I’m already making plans to get my bike to the rally next year. So many great women to learn from. (2023)Jen S.
You never make a wrong turn your just going in a new direction. (2023)Nurse Ratched. , diamonds In The Rough.
“Sugar” As long as I have breath, I have HOPE.(2023)Debby ``Sugar``
Come with your love, compassion and inclusive heart and you will find sooo many with the same mindset. My heart was full! (2022)Jill
The best 3 days and most fun I have had in a long time. This is more than a motorcycle rally it is happiness therapy with extra heart warming benefits- (2022)Deborah
“I get to feel the high from the experience for at least a week.”(2022)Lisa
It doesn’t matter what you wear, what you look like or what you ride. YOU are accepted! (2022)Jessica
I loved how diverse and friendly all of the wind sisters were! – (2022)Lala
Love making new friends at MAWMR! Such a wonderful, supportive, and friendly group of women riders! Looking forward to next year! (2022)-Elle
I feel like I’m with family every time I come and I get to add new family members by meeting new people. (2022)Phyllis
The event you don’t want to miss out on ! You’ll be sorry you did!Melissa
MAWMR provides an opportunity for women motorcyclists to come together as ONE to promote the spirit of sisterhood and love. (2022)Linda
Ride as one, with others. (2022)Dori
I never could have imagined what an amazing journey life would reveal when I decided to pursue my MC endorsement. It has truly been a blessing on so many levels. Paying it forward is always a priority, in every and any way that presents itself. (2022)Shiny side up, Ladybug
I look forward to MAWMR and want to say thank you to everyone who makes this possible. (2023)Kathy
MAWMR is where women who ride can gather, be 1000% themselves and make life long friendships. (2023)Angela
For the last 16 years, there’s been no place I’d rather be every June, than MAWMR. -(2022)Paws
What is MAWMR to me?? Marvelously Awesome Women who Motorcycle Righteously … Most Amazing Women Making Remembrances … basically, the best dayum time you will ever have with the most SPECTACULAR of women without judgement and with open arms to embrace ALL who we are privileged to meet and add to the ever-growing MAWMR Family!!!!Felicia
Every year I ride over 300 miles to MAWMR. Leaving stress from work and home behind. From the time I arrive to my departure. My weekend is filled with love and friendship. I have laughed so hard it hurts and I have cried. It is a bonding weekend for ALL women who ride ALL bikes with ALL skill levels sharing their time with others to have a great time and give support to help those that are fighting cancer. If you arrive with a empty feeling I know you will leave with mind full of shop talk and a heart full of love.Anne
Had never been to a MAWMR event until 2017 event held in Front Royal Virginia. Had a great time loved meeting so many fellow women riders and hearing about so many different events that were coming up and then to ride in the parade. Wow what an experience. Enjoyed talking with all the vendors and fellow sisters will see you all again in Virginia at the 2018 MAMWR event and have invited many more of my fellow women rides to come join us.Tonia
I have attended MAWMR every year since 1999 without fail. This ever-evolving group of amazing women come together year in and year out to support each other and raise money for cancer support. I have seen first hand what their efforts are capable of providing for cancer patients. Several members of my WOW chapter have benefited from HOPE, including my own mother, who introduced me to MAWMR all those years ago. No matter what happens in my life, this is an event that I will never miss and a group of women that I will forever call my friends and family.Audrey
My favorite thing is seeing so many female riders gathered together in friendship, and the activities that allow us to get to know each other better each year.Janet
I have been going to MAWMR since Ocean City MD days. I have never met such great fun ladies. You are treated as friends right from signing in. No one judges you for what you ride or who you are. The board goes to great lengths to make sure you have a great time.Diane
You cant change yesterday You can’t predict tomorrow So live for today(2022)SASSY


MAWMR began because women were left out. We began with a goal of inclusivity for women who wanted to ride. No limits on what those women looked like, who they loved, where they worship, their age, nationality or disability. We are all here because of our mutual respect and love for women who want to ride. It is our greatest joy to be a part of the building of this wonderful community of women who want to ride. It is why we are here, and who we are.

The thought that women who want to ride would be excluded for any reason is very distressing to us. Diversity and Inclusion are more than just words for us. They are intrinsic to who we are as MAWMR. MAWMR strives to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is a reflex, automatic not a reaction.


Help for Oncology Problems & Emotional Support (H.O.P.E.)

H.O.P.E. was founded in 1994 to help cancer patients and their families.  In its 20+ years as a local non-profit, H.O.P.E. has assisted hundreds and attributes its success to its many volunteers.

Help for Oncology Problems & Emotional Support

Pink Out Women’s Cancer Fund

Many patients undergoing treatment for women’s cancers face great financial burdens.  The Pink Out Women’s Cancer Fund was established in 2007 to provide financial assistance to  women cancer patients.


JUNE 20-22, 2024 | Gettysburg, PA