This year, we’re making changes to the bike show as a direct result of your input — for the 25th Anniversary we will be doing things VERY differently, totally revamped!

The bike show main event is the People’s Choice Award. Everyone one is eligible to participate and gets a vote to decide the very best bike or trike of the Rally.

How do you enter? The bikes entered for People’s Choice line up after the Parade of Chrome upon arrival at the host hotel. Voting is open until the banquet starts. Most importantly, there is NO FEE to enter! All Rally registrants are eligible to enter the bike show.

When you pick up your registration bag at the hotel, look inside for a jelly band with a number. Place the band on your bike – it serves a couple of purposes: it’s the number for the bike show, but also registers your bike to you at the Rally. Why? We can quickly contact you / know who’s bike it is in the case of an incident, lights left on, bike needs to be moved, etc. And worst case scenario, in the event of an accident we can use the number on your band to find emergency contact information.

The People’s Choice Award allows Rally participants to choose the bike they believe is the most impressive of the Rally – we’ll have prizes for both 1st and 2nd place. Remember, there is no fee and you choose to enter your bike or trike – all makes, models and years are welcome in this long-standing tradition at MAWMR. So maybe it’s time to purchase that trike motorcycle you’ve been looking at on sites like so you can enter! Voting lasts until the banquet starts. The ballot will be in your registration bag with extras available on site. Simply drop your vote in the ballot box upon entering the banquet.

The People’s Choice winners will be announced at the banquet. Can’t wait to see everyone’s amazing bikes and trikes!