Lean In and Rock Your Ride: 3 Ways to Feel More Confident Every Time You Twist the Throttle | Alisa Clickenger, Women’s Motorcycle Tours Founder and Event Producer

Alisa talks about how motorcycling helped her build her confidence from a shy housewife to a motorcyclist who has ridden over a large part of the globe by herself. Alisa wrote a bestselling book on confidence for women, and in this interactive talk, she’ll share 3 Ways to Feel More Confident Every Time You Twist the Throttle. The deeper lessons Alisa shares can be applied to any area of your life, not just your riding life.

Make a bracelet! | Donna Hoblit

It’s back! Make a bracelet! Make a leather, bead, and jump ring bracelet with a bead or button closure. No previous jewelry-making experience needed. Limit of 16. 4 or less to a table for social distancing. Masks will be required due to close quarters.

Biker Chick Yoga | Mary Sorrentino

Come experience yoga like you’ve never expected! We are gonna have fun and rock out while flowing through Vinyasa/Flow movement. Some Yin yoga will be incorporated as well. This will be an all-levels, all-bodies yoga/mindful movement class. No experience required. Newbies Welcome! All you need to bring is a large towel or yoga mat. Other helpful (but not necessary) items to bring: water, sweat towel, any yoga props you wish to use.

Engaging in motorcycle advocacy work: learn more about the Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists and Engines for Change |Lisa Malachowsky

Learn about the work of WCM and Engines for Change (E4C); including WCM survey data from our surveys of women riders and several projects through E4C.


Fit to Ride: It all starts with a stretch, a bit of balancing, and a lot of core | Tina McDermott

Riding is the ultimate high. Full of freedom and the open road and the best way to enjoy that ride is to be fit, have a strong core and have balance.  Fitness allows you to ride longer in the saddle, maneuver your bike easier and ride sleeker through the curves of the road.  Join Tina in This session and learn some simple stretches, balance, and core exercises that give you long, lean muscles and make you feel amazingly sexy in the saddle.

Eat to Ride: It all starts with good nutrition | Tina McDermott

You want to enjoy high energy and endurance during your ride!  Prevent fatigue during your ride and have fresh legs for tomorrow’s ride as well.  Athletes (yes motorcyclists are athletes) are sometimes confused as to what is the best food to eat before, during and after their ride. Remember that nutrition is something to live by not diet by.  We want to LIVE IT, not DIE it.  The focus is to learn how to eat as close to the way that Mother Nature made our food as possible.  Healthy eating truly can be easy, delicious and fun.  3 Key teaching points: Fitness is necessary to ride strong and safe Motorcycling is an active sport, not a passive one Ride longer with more energy and strength with simple stretches on and off the bike.

Best practices for Group Travel and Group Navigation with WolfPack | Jonathan Chasper

The workshop will address the challenges that occur when traveling in a pack and how they are best addressed through the use of WolfPack, the best Group Travel and Group Navigation system out there.

TEAL on WHEELS: Solo Cross Country Ovarian Cancer Awareness Ride  | Donna Wiegle

Donna will show a short video of her TEAL on WHEELS cross country trip and discuss the challenges and rewards of living life to the fullest. As a stage 4 ovarian cancer patient, diagnosed in 2016, Donna decided to ride solo across the United States in September 2019 to raise awareness about ovarian cancer—the 5th leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women. Donna rode 6,198 miles from Coos Bay, Oregon to her home on Swan’s Island, Maine—Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean. She traveled through 19 different states and handed out over 700 ovarian cancer symptom cards to women, and men, along the way. The highlights of the trip were many—the people that she met across the country were warm and welcoming. Donna traveled with Harley-Davidson’s Touring Guide, which highlighted the motorcycle scenic routes across the country. She avoided highways as much as possible preferring to “take the road less traveled”. She studied the touring guide each night to figure out the next day’s ride—almost always a route that offered awesome riding and spectacular scenery. Her favorite destination was Stanley, Idaho, population 63, located in the Sawtooth Mountains along the Salmon River. Donna will talk about the challenges she faced on the trip. She suffered severe dehydration when she reached the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee after riding through oppressive heat across the west and through the south. But, Donna concluded that the challenges paled in comparison with the rewards of completing what she set out to accomplish.

The Art Of Cleaning & Detailing Your Motorcycle | Rosalind Stokes

Proper Technique & Tools To Wash Your Bike

Lean Into a New Vision of You! | Debi Tolbert Duggar

From the time she was 16-years-old, Debi Tolbert Duggar was hopping on the back of a boy’s motorcycle for the thrill of two-wheeled travel. After years of being someone’s ‘backrest,’ she bought her own motorcycle at the age of 52 and preceded to click off 49 states and 7 Canadian Provinces over an eight-year period. Somewhere along the open road, the author recognized her motorcycle was not just another mode of travel, but the vehicle for her spiritual quest. She realized she could navigate life’s bumps and slippery gravel patches astride her beloved Bessie and reach the end of the road stronger in spirit, her soul intact. Riding Soul-O is a compilation of her travel blog and her gut-wrenching honesty about love, loss, challenges, and triumph over adversity. Debi Tolbert Duggar is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, educator, and writer who lives and works in Central Florida. Riding Soul-O is her first book, inspired by her love of two-wheeled travel.