Welcome 2021 Vendors!

Thank you to each and every one of our vendors for 2021!  Please visit each of our vendors — once again this year, we will have a vendor passport. Visit each vendor and you just might win a free MAWMR registration for 2022!

Steffie’s Sparkles

Handmade Jewelry & Accessories including Boot Bling, Leather Earrings, Wrap bracelets, necklaces, and aromatherapy jewelry made with gemstones & lava rock, for use with essential oils. Thank you Steffie for being a multi-year vendor! For more info click here.

MK’S Sewing & Crafts

Purveyor of great patches and our onsite experts for sewing on 2021 rockers, MAWMR base patches and any other patches you may have. Thank you Malena for being a multi-year vendor!

WOW That’s It Detailing

Detailing services and their amazing “WoW” That’s It Detailing Spray gives you the longest lasting protection available in a spray wax solution. Easy On & Easy Off. 100% Guaranteed No streaks and No Smears on any surface. It Shines plastic, glass, chrome, paint, windows, mirrors, and metal. The Carnuaba Wax #1 and the Essential Oils treat your surfaces like royalty. Get that deep glossy glow and protection of a quality synthetic wax. “WoW” That’s It Detailing Spray can be used alone for paint protection, but it also makes a fantastic maintenance wax for existing base coats. The incredible benefit of “WoW” That’s It Detailing Spray is its versatility. It can be used in direct sunlight with no problems. It dries perfectly transparently. For more info click here.


Handmade, well-crafted custom vest extenders. Thank you April for being a multi-year vendor! For more info click here.

Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski | Kim Carnovale

Beautiful bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more, Touchstone Crystal jewelry is made exclusively with precision-cut Swarovski Crystals and Zirconia. For more info click here.

Bessie and Me Publishing | “Riding Soulo”

Debi Tolbert Duggar, author and solo rider will be signing, discussing and selling her book, “Riding Soulo”

“I was 52-years-old; I was facing an empty nest, an empty occupation, an empty bank account, a quantifiably empty, love life, and a bankrupt ideology of what comprised my purpose in life. If Maslow’s Theory was correct, I was still a long way from the Pinnacle of his triangular reference of Life Stages – Self Actualization. I was soul-sick; I was left wondering, “Is this all there is?” I arrived at this point in my journey and realized I was again alone on the Life Road, and my role as Super Mom was coming to a close. For most of my life, I had been cast in the role of Someone’s Daughter, Someone’s Wife, Someone’s Mom, Someone’s Lover; my psyche was howling for a new role in life I could call my own, my soul was screaming to be nurtured. On a sweltering day in July of ’07, I didn’t realize it then, but my declaration of “I’m Gettin’ My Own,” as I climbed off the back of yet another man’s motorcycle for the last time, would be a metaphor for ‘life’ as well. Not only would I get my own motorcycle, in the process, I excavated my own life from the dismal heap of circumstances that surrounded me.” For more info bessieandme.com

“Finding Courage” | Donna Wiegle

Donna Wiegle, author, cancer survivor and riders will be signing, and selling her book, “Finding Courage”. Donna is also our featured speaker for the banquet.

Donna Wiegle is a woman of action. She is also a woman of tremendous courage. In 2019, she decided to ride a motorcycle across the United States to raise awareness about ovarian cancer. She was three years into her own journey with wit advanced-stage ovarian cancer when she decided to ship her Harley-Davidson motorcycle from her home on Swan’s Island, Maine to Coos Bay, Oregon. She would fly to the West Coast and ride back across the country, a journey of more than 6,000 miles that would take over a month to complete. Donna would ride most of the miles alone. Donna planned to share her cancer story and hand out ovarian cancer symptom cards to everyone she met along the way. She called her mission, TEAL on WHEELS–teal being the color that represents ovarian cancer. “FINDING COURAGE: Navigating Cancer on my Harley,” tells Donna’s story of navigating her own cancer journey as well as navigating her way across the country. In this book, she shares the challenges and successes of both of those journeys. For more info tealonwheels.org


Amazing, artisan hand-crafted spoon jewelry. For more info shirlange.com

Ride As One

Ride as One, the Weekend Warrior Specialists for motorcycle touring. The EXPERIENCE is about letting go, relaxing, exhaling, enjoying the open road, the twisty roads, the wind, the scenery, the little gems along the way, the food and the new friends with whom you will be Riding As One.   All of the details are taken care of…just RIDE.  Take full advantage of your getaway time. Don’t sweat the details or the small stuff and leave the office and work stress behind. It’s time for some wind therapy!  Bring a positive attitude, relax and decompress.

For more information RideAsOne.com

Heated 4 U

Heated gear,  great for riding when it’s a little chilly out. Gear includes jackets, pants, gloves, and socks in both 12volt and battery systems. Take it from me, you’ll love heated gear!

For more information heatedclothing4u.com

Road Head Hair Care

Professionally developed hair care designed with bikers in mind. Haircare products for men and women, made in the U.S.A. For more info roadheadhaircare.com