Each day will offer guided rides for Rally participants. In order to keep the groups safe, there will be a safety briefing before each ride and some rides may have a rider limit. Please check the ride you are interested in below for details.


Thursday, June 20 | Start Time: 9:00am | Ride Leader: Angie Shiley | Experienced – Fast, Difficult Roads | All Bikes Welcome | Costs: museum entry is free | GPX File

Visit Hazzard County and have some fun with Cooter, Beau, Luke and Daisy Duke!  That’s right, we’re heading to Cooter’s, the Dukes of Hazzard Museum, store and home of Daisy’s Diner. From FR, south on 340 to Luray. Right on Rt 211 to Cooters (Dukes of Hazzard museum). (34 miles) The road we’ll be traveling on is a right turn right out of the parking lot. Rt 615 Egypt Bend Rd. to Rt 675 Fort Valley Rd./Camp Roosevelt Rd. to Rt. 678 to Rt. 55. (34 miles) ***This is a very scenic, no center line, curvy road through the George Washington Natl. Forest (beautiful!). At end of this road, turn right on Rt. 55 back to Front Royal, intersection of Rt 522 make left back to hotel. (9 miles).


Friday, June 21 | Start Time: 9:30am – 4:00pm | Ride Leader: Danielle Maliszewski | Novice | All Bikes Welcome | Costs: lunch on your own

Ride to Belmont Farm Distillery, featured on Moonshiners and home to Tim Smith’s Climax Moonshine. In business for over 25 years, they’re famous for the corn whiskey, Virginia Lightening. For this ride, there is a 15 bike maximum,(plus lead and sweep) first come, first served. After touring the Belmont Farm Distillery, you’ll be off to Culpeper for lunch on your own then back to the Rally host hotel. The ride is mostly at 55mph with some turns and through small towns at speeds of 25mph. Around 120 miles round trip.


Friday, June 21 | Start Time: 1:00pm – 3:00pm | Ride Leader: Pam Patrick | Experienced – Fast, Difficult Roads | All Bikes Welcome | GPX File

This will be a fast, spirited ride from Front Royal to Luray via Fort Valley, the ‘free’ Skyline. The return route will be Rt211 & Rt522 for a quick ride home.


Friday, June 21 | Start Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm | Ride Leader: Corinna Stiles | Novice | All Bikes Welcome

Ride the country roads of West “by God” Virginia. You’ll find out today just why the state’s slogan is “Wile & Wonderful”. This ride will only have a snack & gas stop.


Group Riding Guidelines

  • Ride in a stagger formation with a 2 second gap from the bike in front of you
  • Newer riders please ride forward so that the ride can be adjusted to the appropriate skill level
  • Periodically look for riders in your rear-view mirror to ensure the group is together
  • Always check for riders in your mirror before turning. If no one is in the mirror, turn and stop in a safe area so those behind can find you. NEVER stop on the side of a road to wait, wait at turns only.
  • Always use hand signals and “pass them back” (right & left turn, stop, slow and single file are the critical ones to know)

For more detailed group riding tips please visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation – click here.