Workshops have always been a major part of the Rally — it’s important to bring activities that enrich our riding life, personal life and well-being. 2018 brings new workshops, many at your own request. The only problem is that sometimes it’s gonna be hard to choose exactly what to do…ride, learn or craft?!

Thursday Workshops

Pre-Ride Yoga Stretching – Get your body prepared and relaxed before we take off for the early morning breakfast ride. Mary Ragland, yoga instructor, adventurer and Indian rider will lead us in early morning stretching and salutations.

Leather Bracelet Design – Back by popular demand, design and make your own leather bracelet with Vera Messina. Participation is limited – there will be sign up sheets available the morning of the workshop.

Get Crafty – Make your own felt pouch or a beaded ring. With the felt pouch, no sewing skills are required. Cost $2. And you’ll get expert guidance on how to design and make a beautiful ring. Cost $3. Each craft takes about 30 minutes. Space is limited, sign up sheets will be available the morning of the workshop. Jewelry designer and MAWMR board member Donna Hoblit will be leading the activities.

Breathe, Stretch, Relax – After a long ride, treat your body right by enjoying some yoga with Mary Ragland. She’ll show you how to unwind and relax after riding.

Gear Up for Safety – Find out about the latest and greatest riding gear and ask all those questions you always wanted to like just how many miles can you get out of a helmet? Kayla from Grove’s Winchester Harley-Davidson will lead this session.

How to Keep Your Bike Maintained – Ever wonder exactly the best way to take care of a motorcycle and what you can do yourself and what you shouldn’t? O.G. from Grove’s Winchester Harley-Davidson will give us a maintenance tour and answer any questions you have on moto maintenance.



“Aren’t You Afraid?” A  Solo Traveler Reflects on Fear, Failure, and Courage – Fear and lack of confidence in their mechanical skills hold some women back from solo motorcycle travel. Author Tamela Rich has traveled 47 states and five Canadian provinces—mostly solo—and earned two Iron Butt certificates on a solo ride. She’ll tell stories that will embolden and inspire you on life’s journey, and share tips from her new book, ʺHit The Road: A Woman’s Guide to Solo Motorcycle Touring.ʺ (Psst. you’re also getting a free digital copy of this book with your registration!)

Calling All Newbies – Are you new this year to the Rally? Want to find out all the ins and outs? Then stop by to meet the MAWMR board members and get some helpful tips for your first MAWMR.

Eclectic Beaded Bracelet – Make a beaded bracelet using glass, ceramic, wooden and lucite beads. No jewelry experience needed. Create your own, unique piece of jewelry with designer and MAWMR board member, Donna Hoblit. Participation is limited, sign up sheets will be available the morning of the workshop. Cost to participate is $10.

Paint It Like You Stole It – Paint your own motorcycle-themed artwork with artist and art-educator, Wrae Wene. All supplies will be provided and the best part? We make sure the canvases will fit easily in your saddle bags or luggage.

Front Royal Brewing Beer 101 – FRB Beer 101 is a walk through of everything Front Royal Brewing Co. Topics covered range from Beer Styles that we have chosen to brew and right down to the brewing process and equipment, Details of what ingredients are used in our beer, A detailed dive into the FRB Draft system, Glassware and how to pour a beer. This workshop takes place at Front Royal Brewing and has a cost of $20 per person and you are responsible for transportation to and from the facility.


Self Defense for Women – Wear some loose clothes and learn the best strategies to defend yourself in various situations. Sheila Fry, and active ATF Agent will be on hand to teach you tactical moves.

AMA Member Exclusive! AMA Road Captain Workshop – The AMA Road Captain Workshop was developed in 2017 to offer AMA members and clubs the opportunity to discuss best practices for successfully and safely leading a group ride. The workshop is exclusively for AMA members and is typically offered in the spring and fall of each year at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio. It averages 1 hour in length. Topics include planning the route, paperwork, emergency preparedness and response, hand signals, actions during the ride and more.

K-9 Demo – We know that just about everyone loves dogs, but how about working dogs? Get an overview of how these dogs excel at their job and help protect our country. Sheila Fry, ATF, is an agent that is also a K-9 handler that will be leading this session with her dog Uva.

Insider Info That Will Change Your Life! – Exposing secrets, tricks and conspiracies that can prevent you from collecting when you’re not at fault in an accident. This workshop is presented by Liz Sorrell, a female motorcyclist and partner with Tom McGrath’s Motorcycle Law Group.


6 thoughts on “2018 Workshops

  1. Deb 6 years ago

    Wow!! It’s hard to pick one

  2. Debi Harmon 6 years ago

    Dogs, beer, dogs, crafts, dogs….did I mention dogs?…can’t wait! !!

  3. Terry Lynn Clark 6 years ago

    The workshops sound amazing. Can’t wait to get there. I Can’t get there soon enough this year.

  4. Sandy Wright 6 years ago

    Thanks for all of the hard work that has gone into planning this Rally. This is my first rally of any kind as I have only been riding a little over a year. I am super excited and am looking forward to the workshops.

    1. Cindy Cooney 6 years ago

      This is my second season of riding. I can’t wait to get to this conference. It will be so much fun attending the workshops and some of the rides.

      1. Cyndi Brandt 6 years ago

        We can’t wait to meet you too! Ride Safe!!

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